15 Day Paleo Diet Meal Plan – Every Thing About Paleo Diet

A Paleo diet or a Paleolithic diet (a Greek word where “Paleo-lithic” refers to something very “old” or something that belongs to “Stone age”).

It is commonly referred to a diet which consisted of cereal varieties of nuts , raw meat & wild berries etc,& even milk products.

This diet was primarily adopted by the Stone Age people, cave’s men, old age fishermen, hunter-gatherers & hence the name was derived.


The Paleo Diet Basics

The Paleo diet can be further sub-divided into

  1. Plant products derived
  2. Animal products derived

These divisions came into existence because the Stone Age people consumed both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods (in modern-day terms) in equal quantities.

Plant products derived

It includes the vegetables and fresh fruits belonged to low starch content varieties. Different sources in the world, give different amounts of calories present.

But approximately, it accounts for about 35 to 60% of the daily calories, according to Indian department of agriculture. These fruits & vegetables also had higher roughages & fiber content.

Animal products derived 

This variety includes raw meat, marine foods etc. The later evolved people consumed animal products (i.e. – dairy & farm products etc).

According to modern-day experts, the calorie content here varies from 9 to 40% of the daily requirements.

Unlike plant products, these are dominated by the higher fat content in it (higher saturated fats).

According to U.S department of Dairy and Agriculture dietary guidelines, both these varieties are rich in carbohydrates & protein content. Basically, paleo diet was followed by prehistoric people.

Paleo diet included all improperly processed foods or raw foods that were readily available in nature.

Paleo diet- Dos and Donts

Paleo Diet 15 Day Meal Plan

Here I provide you a 15-day meal plan based on the paleo diet requirements. Here we go..!!

Fortnight plan..!!

#Day 1
Just relax and follow your regular intake, along with some chicken and beef.

#Day 2
Start analysing your daily intake and cut down on high sugar, dairy contents like soft drinks, chocolate candies etc.

Also, include pastured eggs from the second day.

#Day 3
Just allocate a day for vegetables. I mean exclusively for vegetables, like onions, carrots, beetroots, tomatoes etc.

Also include leafy vegetables like cabbage, kale, broccoli and other hybrid cabbage varieties.

#Day 4
You don’t need to eat fruits all day..! But just include a fruit (viz..An apple, banana, orange, etc) on day 4 and feel the magic!

#Day 5
Coconut oil, olive oil, can be used as a substitute for cooking oil on this day. I guarantee you for a change definitely in terms of health and also money.

#Day 6
A sensible amount of wine (especially red wine) can be included. For kids, I recommend a dark chocolate, less in carbohydrate content.

#Day 7
Drinking plenty of water is actually a recommended tip for all diet plans. But here, it is not that strongly recommended @askmyhealth.

But have it as your “go to option” whenever you feel dehydrated.

Have your regular diet, but just include green tea and black coffee for a change. You will definitely get refreshed!

#Day 8
Try having burger all day.You will have a lot of fun. But just avoid buns fried in butter or cheese.

#Day 9
Almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts, if all these are available , just have it as your moral for lunch. Take some nuts of all mentioned varieties, fry it at moderate heat and have it

#Day 10
Sandwich..!! Good, news for all youths. “Lettuce leaf sandwich” can be included on this day. It can either be bought from a local shop or home made.

#Day 11
Baked salmon and omega-rich eggs can be included. Have a good jog in the morning and try having a salmon or an egg. You will feel fresh the whole day.

#Day 12
After a hectic 11 days of food plan, just feel free and have all your favourite food items in considerable amounts. After this, just try having sweet potatoes. You may enjoy it..!!

#Day 13
Go for a fruit rich in vitamins, early in the morning and follow your regular food item for the day as per your plan.

#Day 14
“Berries”!! , that sounds yummy in fact!! Just include it in your plan for today.

The simple berries that you can include are Strawberries, blueberries and also fresh juices of any berry fruit that is readily available to you.

#Day 15
Just spend time analyzing the whole 15day meal plan. You will definitely notice the change.
Friends! Just don’t ignore this plan. Just because it does not give you satisfactory results at one go.

Follow it regularly for at least 5-6 fortnights by taking regular intervals of time.
Have a great time following it.!!!

A point to ponder

The modern-day narcotics and caffeine products like Coffee and alcohol were not a part of the “Paleo Diet”.

This could probably the reason, for their predominant existence on Earth for years together than the present day humans. This remains a valid point to ponder every time.

For those who need a short meal plan

If you like to follow a one week plan, then this is for you!!!

Paleo diet meal plan

Arguments and suppositions

  • As, the evolution of human beings proceeded at a gradual pace, the revolution in agriculture also simultaneously evolved.
  • These revolutions periods gave rise to the discovery of new products like wheat, pulses, leguminous products, salt, sugar, oil etc .which relatively had higher calorie content & other essential nutrients.These made people shift their choice to modern-day food items.
  • But various health experts like Lorain Cordain  counter-argued that the modern day people should follow a diet plan that resembles  Paleo diet for several benefits like weight loss, longer life span etc(abiding by the Discordance theory) .
  • However, the critics had other ideas when the genetic maladaptation to modern-day foods was put forth by advocates by citing the examples of “Tolerance to various amino acids like lactose, glucose etc.)
  • Critics strongly argued that, when these modern foods do not cater to the needs of the people, Then the Earth that humans live today, would not have been in existence.
  • The advocates also argued with their real-life statistical data given by present-day hunter-gatherers for higher life expectancy and how Paleo diet caters to the energy balance between its intake and the physical expenditure of work.
  • There was again a counter argument by various molecular sciences department regarding the “Ideal diet plan” in which the Paleo diet cannot be considered and also the development of the modern-day research, where the native breeds which contained toxic elements were removed by Artificial selection.

As a final note,

The long “SAGA” continues …as this became one of the hottest topics and also the most searched topic on Google after 2010.

But various dietary associations have debarred people who consume Paleo diet based foods for its harmful effects on bowel related problems.

In my opinion, this diet serves as a major platform for the evolution of other present day diets.

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