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Better health is essential for happiness and well-being of any individual.

I’m Nagendra Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Askmyhealth. If you are surfing the internet for any of your health problems or health care tips, this site is for you! You are at that kind of a “Stop” place where all your health needs are satisfied.

I just need to tell you that we are here for you, not only as a medical guide while you begin your process to recover from illness but also as a caring friend.

We focus on offering trustworthy and accurate health information to our readers.

We will do our best to respond your comments and e-mails as much as possible within specific time period. We will work hard to serve you in all cases.

We make this website as the best place for your needs and save your money from unwanted medical expenses. You can take action based on the information we provide you and live a healthy and disease-free life.

Healthy and Happy people make the world wiser!!!

So Why the Askmyhealth Site?

Most people suffer from various health hazards and paying huge lump sums of money to recover it. They don’t understand what the cause is, how they were treated or what medicines were prescribed. Barely the money is given and the medicines are taken for curing it.

This is the purpose why we are here. We help you to know what happens to you and how to recover from it without spending too much.

Our mission is to make the people in this world healthier through our information. Without seeking help from others, you can recover from your health problems confidently!

All the information provided on this site is written by highly skilled writers who are adept at researching a variety of topics and delivering accurate, concise and appealing information in an easy-to-understand format.  Here we focus on Healthcare Tips, Home Remedies for commonly occurring diseases, Nutrition, Diet and Fitness tips, DIY Kit, etc.

When applicable, articles are reviewed by a health professional to ensure the information is accurate. All articles are reviewed and edited by a member of the AskMyHealth Editorial Team before publication.

You can’t recover from any health problem, overnight. Healthy living is a dynamic process. But you can speed up the process by your activities and the natural resources available at your home.

The famous Quote by Erasmus saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Here we help you to prevent yourself from health problems before it dominates.

As a final note,

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Nagendra Kumar

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Nagendra Kumar

Nagendra Kumar, Founder & CEO, AskmyhealthNagendra Kumar is the Founder and CEO of Askmyhealth.

He oversees the Management strategies and execution of all content on Askmyhealth.com.

He has a decade’s worth of experience in online content editorial strategy and online consumer research with a specific focus on health, fitness and lifestyle content.

He holds a Master’s degree from the BSA University. Prior to starting Askmyhealth, he served as an editor for top publishing companies in the medical industries. He also worked with an array of Startups, Medical, and Technology Companies.

To contact: nagendra@askmyhealth.com

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Anantha Krishnan


He is the Editor-in-chief of AskMyHealth. He well-known Consultant and trained in the Advanced Integrated Meta-Medicine & Meta-Healing, Relationships, and Diet.

His main goal is to make people understand the simplest of scientific things and provide valuable information about health to every member of the world through his writing.

His hobbies are playing piano, practicing yoga, playing cricket and table tennis at a local sports club. He is also interested in photography and keeping track of all latest race bikes.

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Divya Nagendran

askmyhealthDivya is one of leading cosmetic dermatologists. Has over Five years experience in the beauty industry.
She is covering Beauty Therapy, Body Treatments, Relationships, and Dermatology for askmyhealth.

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Danielle Collins

Danielle CollinsDanielle Collins, the World leading Face Yoga Expert and a renowned authority in Yoga, Nutrition, and Wellbeing. Danielle has appeared on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Kiss FM Radio as well as in hundreds of international media publications such as Vogue, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail.

As a spokesperson for Nintendo, BT, Lotus Olbas and Sweaty Betty, Danielle is a sought after presenter, writer and Yoga model and regularly has her own show on Ideal World TV on Sky and Freeview.
Danielle provides one-to-one sessions all over the world via Skype and offers sessions face-to-face in Harley Street, London and in Bath at her exclusive private studio.

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Prema Kodical

Prema KodicalShe is an independent weight management consultant from Mumbai. She is also working as a diet & exercise consultant at Hope & Care Clinic in Navi Mumbai.

She is a Fitness Freak. The fitness bug bit her when she was in her teens. Touch wood it has stayed! Initially, it was a pastime but soon became a passion and went on to become her profession. Her other passion is food. She scouts for recipes with healthy and unusual ingredients. She also converts the unhealthy recipes to healthy ones and tries them out. Like working out, cooking is a great stress buster for her.

She has a blog http://thank-god-im-fit.blogspot.in

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Tracy Silberman

askmyhealthTracy Silberman specializes in women’s health and infertility issues. She edits AskMyHealth’s pregnancy and parenting articles. She’s dedicated to helping patients understand how to better manage their disease states not only with medication but also by incorporating better nutrition into their lifestyle. 

She has presented at local, national, and international healthcare conferences. She joined AskMyHealth in 2016 and previously worked in editorial for the women’s health app. In her free time, She enjoys time in Napa Valley with her family. 

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Amanda kelly


She is specialized in alternative medicine. As a nature lover, she has a wealth of knowledge on home remedies for a large number of health problems. she has been trying these remedies for many years and you would like them as well. 

She has experience editing for both the scientific community and the general public. She joined AskMyHealth in 2015. She loves to hike, use her standup paddleboard, and enjoy all life has to offer. 

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Jessica West

She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. She bridges the gap between science and real-world application by applying the latest research into his writing. 

She focusing on diet, exercise and weight management articles for AskMyHealthShe enjoys extensive traveling and stays fit by practicing yoga, doing body weight exercises and hiking.

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As a final note,

Thank you so much for your support. If you find this page useful, Please subscribe to our newsletters and updates to get health care tips regularly.

You can also stay connected with us on facebook, twitter , Google Plus , Youtube and Pinterest pages.

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