Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger – If You Use It For 2 Weeks

Wherever we turn our head, the world is filled with advertisements for products that can remove blemishes and imperfections, and make us look younger and beautiful like the models advertising those products.

What they are hiding is the chemicals that are added into these products to keep up the claims they’re making.

If you doubt whether coconut oil can make you look 10 years younger, then you are fooling yourself. This article will help you know the coconut’s uses such that, you’re going to throw all your brand shampoos and lotions and stocking up on coconut oil.

Coconut oil is one of the most powerful cosmetic tools. It has the property of penetrating deeper into the skin and hair and providing nourishment, unlike lotions and conditioners.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

The following are just a few simple treatments to be done in order to experience the benefits of this delightful oil.

1. Bed Time Treatment

This process must be carried out each and every night before going to bed. Take a dab of coconut oil and make it warm in your hands. As it warms, the solid turns into a liquid. Once the coconut oil turns into liquid form, rub gently onto your face.

Typically, you can let the coconut oil be on your skin for a while, say 30-60 minutes. You will be amazed to see how much of gets absorbed into your skin. When you wish to remove it, wet a towel with water, warm water as your skin can tolerate and wipe the oil off of your skin.

coconut oil younger skin

2. For Nails

Coconut oil can be used to cure the problems with the cuticle. Instead of using some expensive lotion, you can massage a bit of melted coconut oil so that it penetrates into your nail beds. This will clear up dry, cracking skin around the nails. Your nails will become stronger than ever.

3. For Cellulite

Many men and women suffer from fat deposits all over the body called cellulite. This can be dealt with well by coconut oil easily. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil, warm it and then add a teaspoon of honey. Mix them together and apply to my skin. Make gentle strokes of massage in order for the cellulite to melt. Leave it on your skin for some time and then wipe with a hot towel. Continue this process for some weeks and you can sense the visible result.

Different Usages of Coconut Oil

You can replace coconut oil for so many artificially made products in order to maintain good health and result. The following are some of the ideas where you can use coconut oil instead of manufactured goods.


Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer. The best part is that you can just rub it on your skin, as it is.


Coconut oil has its natural antibacterial properties, and hence makes a great alternative to toothpaste! You can add some ingredients like pepper etc., to the oil and scrub your teeth for refreshment.

Eye-makeup remover

Coconut oil can remove your eye makeup. Just put some coconut oil on a cotton pad and remove your eye makeup!

Hair serum

It is common to apply coconut oil in the hair for nourishment. It has natural proteins that help to strengthen and moisturize it.

Hair conditioner

To fight over damages occurring to your hair, you can use coconut oil as a hair mask. You will get smooth and healthy hair.

Lip balm

Coconut oil can be used as a great lip moisturizer to help soften and moisturize chapped lips.


Coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen too. It is safe from parabens and other toxins and it’s a great alternative.


Coconut oil can be used as a natural tanner instead of exposing yourself to radiations and laser treatment.


When you use deodorant filled with toxins and aluminum, it increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You can mix coconut oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil to get a great deodorant.

Lotion bar

Coconut oil is a great ingredient to make a lotion bar. You can mix beeswax and a few essential oils so that it’s great for dry, flaky skin.

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