Drink Lemon Water Instead of Pills if You have One of These 13 Problems

Generally, people all over the world have a practice of drinking a glass of warm water mixed with lemon early in the morning in empty stomach.

It is the best way to receive antioxidants, and vitamins like B and C, and carbohydrates for your body. Few people mix lemon water with hot water and honey and consume it in empty stomach. They say that they have experienced weight loss.

But it is a less known fact that it also helps improve immunity and digestion. It also helps in reducing your frequently eating tendency as it controls cravings fatty foods.

Lemon water can cure many problems. Lemon juice is extremely beneficial for the following ailments:

drink lemon water

1. Treatment for Acne

Dark little growths all over our body are called acne. Lemon water cleanses the skin by removing the acidic effects and impurities which cause acne. You just have to rub it on your skin gently for cleansing.

2. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are most common among people who don’t drink sufficient amount of water. Lemon water can dissolve kidney stones over time.

The potassium in lemon works to increase the citrates in urine which in turn doesn’t let oxalates to form.

3. Boosting Immunity

Lemon water activates and boosts your body’s lymphatic system. Which in turn boosts the immunity.

4. Enhances Weight Loss and Suppresses Appetite

Lemon water is the best drink to reduce weight. The pectin in the lemon water suppresses the food craving and vitamin C helps in regulating our blood sugar. It also boosts the production of bile in the stomach which breaks down food and improves the digestion.

5. Gallbladder Ache

Gall bladder ache can be significantly reduced by regular intake of lemon water.

6. Cold and Flu

The vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant. Thus, lemon juice can help in suppressing cold and flu. It drives away the bacteria and helps you recover faster from a cold.

7. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Many people have acid reflux or heartburn as a result of irregular food habit. This is called GERD, also known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease that can be treated with lemon water.

Continuous intake of lemon water for around 2 weeks and avoiding consumption of medicines and the difference will be evident.

8. Finger Nails

Having white spots on fingernails is a sign of unhealthy nails. Lemon juice helps in getting rid of the white spots and keeps your nails nourished.

9. Food-Borne Diseases

Whenever we travel, we cannot expect to have highly hygienic food and water everywhere. This change in food quality can result in food poisoning.

Drinking lemon water while traveling can help counteract the effects of bad food. Not only during travel, but it is also advisable to take lemon water always.

10. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a very common ailment where the muscle fibers loosen. It makes your muscles painful at a lot of places since you have tender muscle spots all over your body.

In such situations, lemon water has been known to be helpful and it can make a lot of difference if one practices regular yoga and stretches.

11. Inflammation

Inflammation is caused due to external force or bacteria. Lemon has lots of anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammations sometimes happen due to acidic bodies and are very hard to deal with. Lemon water neutralizes the acidity of the body and gets rid of inflammation.

12. Sore Muscles After Workout

People care much about their body and work out regularly to maintain body health. After a tedious session of work out, our muscles become very sore.

This is because of the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. This causes unbearable pain. Drinking Lemon water can reduce the pain and regular intake of the lemon water gives you complete relief.

13. Joint Swelling and Pain

Elderly people experience joint pain and swelling very often. Painful and swollen up joints can also be treated effectively with lemon water. It doesn’t let the joints get inflammation by breaking down the buildup of uric acid in the joints.

A Routine with the Lemon Water

If you’re ready for these amazing benefits and want to fight the above problems, conditions, and diseases, start implementing the lemon water routine! Just slice a fresh lemon and squeeze the juice into warm or room temperature water. Drink up, enjoy and stay healthy!

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