A Simple Exercise That Can Help Reduce a Saggy Belly in Only 3 Weeks

There are a lot of exercises which can be done based on your body type to reduce weight.

But some of us would not find time to get rid of those extra calories especially the one accumulated around the waist and tummy region.

Hitting the gym or a running track can also at times require a lot of effort and diet is out of the way because of the busy work schedule or hectic lifestyle.

Well, then what could be a better alternative for this. A lot of people these days follow their ways to lose weight and when these things are personalized they have shown better results.

Losing weight can happen when you run, walk or even jog but do you have time for all these is one of the most fundamental questions which a lot of people ask themselves when it comes to losing weight.

Most of them feel Yoga is one of the most effective ways to shed those extra calories quickly because the postures would not only make you flexible but it also reduces the stress making you lose weight quickly.

But, performing Yoga has its procedures and when you want things to happen quickly there is something available which can effectively help you in losing weight and bring back you in shape.

There is one exercise which has proved to be extremely effective to lose weight quickly. A series of exercises to be performed can be time-consuming but one posture for every part of your body is effective and also interesting, isn’t it?

Exercise Reduce a Saggy Belly

Follow the below steps to trim your body faster than ever!

Warm – Up your body with a quick spot jog

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do before performing the exercise is to prepare your body by warming it up. So just a quick spot jog is the best thing to do because it quickly warms your body helping you to get ready for the actual exercise and this isn’t too tough or time-consuming either.

Get ready for the actual exercise

Spread the exercise mat on the floor and wear comfortable clothes. If need be, keep a bottle of water beside you and sip it if you are feeling too tired in the middle of the session.

Steps to Perform the Exercise

Set your legs apart and it has to be wider than your shoulder width and rest the hands on your hips and give a nice stretch to your legs.

Feel the stretch thoroughly before you move to the next step. When your body feels the stretch then, the exercises become more effective. The foot should be pointing outwards throughout the exercise.

Once you are in the position, bend slightly by pressing your palms on your knees and remember to feel the stretch in your thigh muscles.

Only when you feel the stretch the actual workout is happening. Do not just do it because you are asked to, exercises become effective only when the body parts start to ache.

Now it’s time to do some rotation! Lean a little forward and turn your right shoulder to the left pointing inwards and this can help you work on those arms, thighs and also the waist region because you are giving a complete twist to your body.

Exercise Reduce a Saggy Belly

Remember to be in this position for at least 5 seconds and then get back to your original position. Repeat the same thing on the other side too so that the entire body gets a good workout. Repeat 3 sets of at least 15 repetitions for quick results.

Exercise Reduce a Saggy Belly

A simple exercise can do wonders for you if you include the same in your routine and look forward to make an extra effort to include it in your fitness routine. The exercise are here to make your body fit for games, and other routine works.

Looking for the same exercise if included in your daily routine can help you not only in being fit but in leading a healthy life all over again. So, try practicing the same and in the best possible ways.

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