4 Best Face Yoga Exercises to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles

How to get rid of wrinkles on your face naturally? There are many home remedies for wrinkles, under eyes and fine lines. Today I am going to show you one of the best ways to remove wrinkles.

Are you aware of face yoga? Face yoga has many benefits and it is the natural wrinkle remover. Have a look at the below face yoga exercises to get rid of under eye wrinkles.

The area under your eye is very thin and most delicate on your face. So obviously, it is the first part of your face to show aging.Due to a lot of strain in your day to day life, your eyes should result in wrinkles, lines, puffiness, and bags. By using Face Yoga exercises, the wear and tear of this area can be relaxed and reduced.

Try the below 4 simple face yoga exercises, you can easily get rid of wrinkles on your face and under the eye. These exercises make your eye muscles stronger. So that your skin will produce more collagen and elastin. Also, your circulatory system will become more effective at pumping Oxygen and eliminating toxic substances.

Face Yoga Exercise 1 – The ‘V’

This is a very simple and powerful exercise to remove the wrinkles on your face and under eyes. Follow the below steps to get maximum benefits.

Face Yoga Exercises To Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles


  • Put both your middle fingers together between your eyebrows then apply pressure to the outer corners of your eyes with your index fingers.
  • Look up and start to squint. Feel your lower eyelids move up as much as you can.
  • Then relax and repeat six more times. To finish squeeze your eyes shut for ten seconds and release and relax them. This is great for reducing bags under the eyes and tightening the muscles around the eyes.

Major muscle worked: Orbicularis Oculi.

Face Yoga Exercise 2 – Flirty Eyes

Face Yoga Exercises To Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles- Flirty Eyes


  • Cover your teeth with your lips and then make your mouth into an ‘O’ shape, pulling your top and bottom lip as far away from each other as you can.
  • Then place your index fingers under your eyes, horizontally with the fingertips pointing towards your nose.
  • Then look upwards and start to flutter your upper eyelids. Keep this going for thirty seconds.
  • The only part of your body that should move is your upper eyelids. This reduces hollows under the eyes, lifts the upper eyelids and also lifts the lower part of the face.

Major muscles worked: Orbicularis Oculi and Corrugator.

Face Yoga Exercise 3 – Shifty Eyes

Face Yoga Exercises To Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles- Shifty Eyes


  • Keep your head relaxed on the top of your spine and look at a point in front of you.
  • Then without moving your head, neck or face move your eyes to look at the right-hand side, then back to center, then to the left.
  • Move your eyes back to center and look up to the ceiling and down to the floor.
  • Gently close your eyes for five seconds and then repeat one more time. Then, widen your eyes as wide as you can without wrinkling the brow.
  • Focus on a point in front of you and take four deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose. Then relax and close your eyes for a few seconds.

This is great to firm the muscles around the eye and helps to lift the eye area and will also smooth the brow. It will boost the circulation around the eyes and after the exercise, you will see a lovely glow in the face.

This will exercise the muscles around the eyes, strengthen the optic nerve and is, therefore, great for toning up sagging skin and eliminating crow’s feet. It will also give the eyes an awake, energetic appearance.

Major muscle worked: Orbicularis Oculi.

Face Yoga Exercise 4 – Circle the Eyes

Face Yoga Exercises To Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles- Circle the eyesDirections:

  • First, place your middle fingers at the beginning of your eyebrows.
  • Start to gently tap around your eyes following the top of your eyebrow and then continue under your eye just at the top of your cheekbones.
  • Then continue to the inside corners of your eye.
  • Then repeat, going in the opposite direction, making little tapping motions.

This is great for reducing eye wrinkles, boosting circulation and relaxing the muscles. Then with your index fingers very gently stroke just under your eyes from the nose outwards four times to warm up and relax the eye area. This helps to reduce bags and puffiness under the eyes by removing toxins and increasing blood flow and oxygen to the area.

That’s all! Try these 4 face yoga exercises and get rid of under eye wrinkles.

Image Credits: Face Yoga

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