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Are you searching for how many pints of blood in the human body? You are landed at a right place. In this article, I am gonna tell you how many pints of blood in the human body.

The important components of blood are RBCs, WBCs, Plasma, and Platelets. The plasma consists of about 55% of your blood volume and the combination of RBCs, WBCs and platelets consist of about 45% of your blood volume.

How many pints of blood in the human body

How Many Pints of Blood in the Human Body?

An average adult human with 160 pounds has 10.5 Pints of blood in the body.

Which is fairly equal to 5 liters of blood, 5.28 US Quarts of blood, 4968 milliliters and 1.3 US Gallons of blood  in the body.

Some Useful Pint Conversions

1 pint = 16 Ounces

1 pint = 0.47 litres

1 pint = 2 Cups

1 pint = 470 ml

1 pint = 0.5 Quarts

How many pints of blood can you donate at a time?

At a time you can donate only 1 pint of blood in your body. Above one pint is not safe.

How long does it take to replace a pint of blood?

According to the American Red Cross, your body takes 24 hours to regenerate the lost plasma, 4-6 weeks to regenerate RBCs (For each pint of blood lost).

Do you lose calories when you donate a pint of blood?

Yes, you can burn 650 calories for every pint donated.

An adult man needs 2500 calories to maintain a healthy weight and needs to lose 2000 calories per week to lose one pound of his weight.

An adult Woman needs 2000 calories to maintain a healthy weight and needs to lose 1500 calories per week to lose one pound of his weight.

One pint of blood donation helps to burn more calories. So donating blood makes you healthy.

How much does a pint of blood cost in a hospital?

As per the American Red Cross, a  pint of  blood  product now costs $130 to $150. But this data varies according to the states. (Based on a news article released by ABC)

How many pints of blood are in your body?

Usually around 9-12 pints of Blood. But it depends on the below factors too,

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Amount of lean body mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Gender
  • Altitude
  • Body Hydration level
  • The volume of RBCs and WBCs in your blood.

Blood Facts

  • There is NO SUBSTITUTE for Blood.
  • Blood can not be made artificially.
  • 1 pint of blood saves life of 3 people.
  • Blood carries oxygen to your organs and removes the unwanted wastes from your body.
  • The White blood cells fight against the germs and boost your immunity.
  • The Platelets are helpful in blood clotting. Blood clotting is essential to stop your bleeding and heal the wound faster.
  • Blood Thinners are used to dissolve the serious blood clotting inside your body.
  • RBCs, WBCs, Platelets, and Plasma are made naturally in your body by Bone marrow.
  • Most of the invertibrate animals such as jelly fish, flat worms, and coral don’t have blood. They absorbs the nutrients and needed gases with their skin.
  • 1200000 mosquitoes are needed to suck blood at a time to completely drain adut human blood from the body.
  • There are 100000 miles of blood vessels in the adult human body.
  • Human body contains 0.2% of gold. Blood constitues most of this gold percentage.

Hope you are clear about how many pints of blood in the human body. Donate blood and save lifes!

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