15 Treatments to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots – Home Remedies

Are you miserable about a Fordyce spots on your chin? Do you want to know about Fordyce spot cures? Are there any small white bumps on your skin? Then it is called as Fordyce spotting.

Fordyce spots are also called as Fordyce’s spots, Sebaceous Prominence, Fordyce glands, enlarged sebaceous glands or Fordyce granules. Generally, these are small raised, skin-colored, whitish-yellow bumps or pale red colored bumps or spots. The Fordyce usually occur on the labia, scrotum, the shaft of the penis, foreskin of the penis or the vermilion border of the lips of a person’s face.

Most of the people who suffer from it don’t have a major problem but it spoils the look of the person and it appears especially in the mouth and alarmingly on the genitals, these are common in men. Pennis itching home remedy could be done by these procedures.

As per the study published at Clinical Case Reports and Reviews, Fordyce spots occur in 70 to 80 percent of adults. Experts say that Fordyce spots are natural occurrences on the body and are not infectious. Even though is not a great problem but it spoils the persons look. Okay, now let’s see how to get rid of Fordyce spots.

How to get rid of fordyce spots

What Causes Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce Spots are due to increase in lumps of 30-100 spots, they are wart like appearance. Causes of it are deep stress, anxiety, and other health problems. They also take place because of the sebum. They usually develop as isolated or scattered bumps, but sometimes they cluster together.

Sebum is the skins natural oil produced by sebaceous gland. If hair follicles are not present there then the oil cannot be discharged and hence causes swelling. Here bacterial growth takes place due to which the surrounding tissues have an inflammation. Or it also may be caused due to hereditary.

Fordyce Spots Symptoms

Do you just wonder what are those pale red, white bumps on your skin? These are just the Fordyce spots that occur naturally to several human beings. You need not panic and just go through the remedies and know what exactly are the causes, ways to get rid of them. There are several home remedies as well as medications to get rid of them nowadays. We are here to provide them!!

These are simply called as the “Sebaceous Protrusion or Prominence” that occurs due to over or extensive secretion of sebaceous glands at unusual or wrong places. These spots generally appear pale red, white, yellow and even your skin color.

They can appear on your

  • Lips (Mostly the upper lip)
  • Labia
  • Shaft of the penis
  • Scrotum pouch
  • The foreskin of the penis usually called Tyson’s glands.
  • Vermillion Border of the lips.
Fordyce Spots inside mouth

Fordyce Spots inside mouth

  • The common spots on Men are on the surface of the scrotum or shaft of the penis. It also takes place in the labia of females but affects upper lips of both men and women.
  • They occur as bright red papules or yellow or pinkish spots on the skin surface with a slightly raised appearance. 
fordyce spots on cheeks

Fordyce spots on cheeks

Note: Vermillion borders are just the division between the red fleshy part and the normal skin. It is commonly called the “Lip line region”. Fordyce spots predominantly occur on those lip lines. It occurs in both males and females. It is also to be noted that “Herpes spots” are completely different from Fordyce spots.

Now let us have a look at all types of Fordyce spotting.

Fordyce spots on lips!! How do they look like?

Fordyce spotting on lips is a major concern, especially among the ladies. Because it can affect their looks largely. They are generally numb or painless circular lumps with a diameter of 1-5 mm on the upper part of the lips. They just don’t have any treatment as of now and doctors don’t recommend any specific treatment for these spots. But for cosmetic reasons and its unattractive looks, people go for surgeries and take medications to accelerate its rate of healing.

Difference Between Herpes and Fordyce spots

  • Herpes blisters or spots are painful and are large as compared to Fordyce spots. They are caused by herpes simplex viruses and they are highly contagious.
  • The HSV-1 virus commonly causes cold sores, benign sores, granules and raised lumps.
  • Herpes spots are white spots caused due to inflammation of lips, body heat and excessive smoking.

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots?

Here are some of the home based treatments to get rid of Fordyce spots. Home Treatments for Fordyce Spots cures (Fordyce spots shaft treatment) may heal the spots faster.

1. Apply Coconut Oil

When it comes for Fordyce spots treatment, my first choice is the coconut oil. The coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. Using the coconut oil on the affected spot helps to moisture and reduce itching. The spotting which also occurs due to dehydration gets visibly reduced after application of coconut mixed with an essential oil like lavender oil for decreasing Fordyce spots on the skin.

2. Boost Vitamin Intake

By taking vitamin rich foods Fordyce spots could be eliminated. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins. Orange and broccoli can be added to your diet to reduce the Fordyce spots.

3. Drink Water

Drinking a lot of water is the best way to get rid of Fordyce spots faster. The easiest way is to take plenty of pure water, especially during morning times. Water helps to prevent dehydration and also boosts the immunity system to fight against germs that can easily cause the spotting on the sebaceous glands.

Don’t leave your mouth dry, make sure to drink liters of water at least 8-10 glasses a day to address the condition.

4. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Pearly penile papules (penile papules home treatment) could be reduced by applying tea tree oil. This is a well-known home remedy. Tea tree oil serves as a natural antiseptic that this prevents bacterial growth.

Thus it relieves from the inflamed skin. This remedy doesn’t have any side effects and it could be tried to have a beautiful skin. Thus Fordyce spots removal could be easier with Tea Tree oil.

5. Use Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a well-known germ fighter and this helps you in removing Fordyce spots. This herbal powder is known to be the best antiseptic and it is predominantly used in India as a part of food as lotion and in the case of injuries.

Take 1/2 tea spoon of Turmeric powder and mixed with apple cider vinegar is an effective solution and can be applied to the inflamed skin. Turmeric has the properties of antiseptic, antibacterial and antipyretic which reduce bacterial growth on the skin and cures the Fordyce spots.

6. Take Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal bath has been widely used to treat Eczema at home and is very useful for reducing Fordyce spotting especially on genitals. It helps to reduce itching, redness and also inflammation on the skin. This bath should be taken using cold water only after using herbal remedy like turmeric or tea tree oil which act as antiseptics.

7. Garlic

Garlic can be used as it is one of the strongest methods of reducing Fordyce spots. Garlic besides containing antioxidants that help to remove free radicals from the body with anti-inflammatory properties. This shrinks the swollen Fordyce spots. You can also consume boiled water with garlic drips for an immediate effect or mix the spice in the food.

8. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is another essential oil which is obtained from Jojoba plant that is very useful for treating Fordyce spots. This jojoba oil contains antibacterial properties. The healing effect of the oil takes place by reducing and eliminating bacterial growth and invasion. Besides it also contains wax esters that make it as a natural moisturizer thereby enhancing its effect on the skin.

9. Asparagus

This is the richest source of folic acid. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients. Asparagus serves for providing metabolic consistency which reduces Fordyce spots itchy lips. By consuming 260mcg of folic acid a day proper hormonal balance can be maintained.

10. Aloe Vera Gel

We know about Aloe Vera Gel which comes from the Aloe Vera plant can be used for treating Fordyce spots. Use of this gel directly on the inflamed skin since the plant possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also useful for treating urinary tract infections and several skin disorders.

11. Honey

Honey is an antiseptic agent and the mild source. Generally, it is used as a home remedy to cure respiratory and skin infections. Organic honey is generally used as a soothing agent for skin irritations mainly due to its antibacterial properties. You can always mix a dab of honey with an essential oil and apply to the spots to reduce the infection.

12. Lemon

Lemon is another natural disinfectant which basically treats bacterial infections, especially in the dermis. Lemon extract is a useful source for treating Fordyce spots. This easily available ingredient can be squeezed to juice that can be applied to the inflamed skin regularly to treat Fordyce spots effectively.

13. Chamomile

The flowers of Chamomile helps to treat itchy or inflamed skin spots and are well known topical treatments. This doesn’t cause any side effects even to the sensitive skin. This flower helps to reduce Fordyce spots within a few weeks.

14. Comfrey

The root and leaves of comfrey which have been used for treating skin wounds, bruises and rashes also help to remove Fordyce spots. This herbal remedy is one of the most effective solutions to heal the Fordyce spots due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

This natural remedy helps to reduce Fordyce spotting and can either be used in the form of a paste or can also be consumed directly in the form of Comfrey tea.

15. Vanilla & Sugar Scrub

A natural remedy is using vanilla extract and sugar to make a face scrub that can be applied on the inflamed spots. Sugar has a natural antibacterial agent that inhibits growth and vanilla moisturize and nourishes the skin.

The face scrub can be applied twice a day, morning and night ensure that within a week’s time the pasty granules disappear.

How to Prevent Fordyce Spots?

  • Fordyce spotting is technically a self-resolving condition so don’t go for laser treatments.
  • Ensure that you always maintain a clean hygiene, wear loose clothes and shower each morning.
  • Dietary modifications could be instilled if you’re not taking in adequate vitamins.
  • You could use anti-bacterial soap if you’re using essential oils in excess.
  • Try to include garlic supplements in your diet.

In a Nutshell,

Are you sad about a Fordyce spots on your chin? Do you want to know about Fordyce spot treatments?

Generally, Fordyce spots are small raised, skin-colored, whitish-yellow bumps or pale red colored bumps or spots. The Fordyce usually occur on the labia, scrotum, a shaft of the penis, the foreskin of the penis or the vermilion border of the lips of a person’s face.

Fordyce spots spoil the look of the person and it appears especially in the mouth and alarmingly on the genitals, these are common in men. Pennis itching home remedy could be done by these procedures. So here I listed 15 home remedies to get rid of Fordyce spots. Follow the home remedies and get cured from the annoying Fordyce Spots.

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