How to Lose Arm Fat Fast at Home – The Advanced Guide

How to lose weight on your arm? Is there any easy way to lose arm fat fast? Yes, but you can’t get rid of arm flab only by doing exercises or workouts. You have to balance the diet, exercises and physical activities. So, today I come up with a detailed solution to get rid of arm fat. Reducing flabby arms doesn’t happen in a day, it takes few weeks time.

There are two major factors that make your arms look saggy, the first one is age and the second is body fat. Arm fat is one of the common health problems after 30+ years of age.

But nowadays, due to the present day lifestyle youngsters are also getting arm flab. Even if you are a lean person, you may have unusual fatty arms. Are you in a war with your flabby arms too? The arm jiggle problem is common among women, especially the underarm fat. So, getting rid of flabby arms is a major concern for them.How to lose face fat fast

Even though arm fat makes you worry a lot, it is not a tough task to reduce. But remember that you can’t lose arm fat only by practicing exercises. In order to reduce your fat under arms, you have to follow the proper diet, Exercises or workouts to reduce your triceps and biceps, Healthy lifestyle and some physical activities.

Kindly note that reducing fat or losing weight at one particular part of your body is difficult. Losing overall body weight reflects in losing fat accumulation at that part. So try to lose your overall body fat to get rid of your flabby arms. Pro Tip: Work extra hard on your triceps and biceps.

Causes for Arm Fat

First of all, you have to know the causes for your arm fat. So that if you avoid those causes, you can easily reduce your flabby arms without any additional methods.

As I said earlier, the age and fat accumulation at the body are the two major concerns in this fat arm issue.  As we become older, our skin becomes shaggy and there is no possibility to control flabby arms due to age. But you can get rid of arm jiggle by reducing the arm fat accumulation. Let’s see the major causes for the upper and lower arm fat.

1. Decreased Basic Metabolism Rate

Decreased metabolism rate is the main reason for saggy arms. The metabolism rate decreases with the growing age, which means as you get older and older your body burns fewer calories than normal rate. And this condition ultimately leads to accumulation of fat in some places of your body, especially arms, belly, face, and thighs.

Metabolism is the process of converting the food you take into energy. Your body makes use of this energy to do various activities. If your body uses sufficient energy for a day, it stores the remaining energy as fat.

As you get older, your muscle mass increases. Thereby it increases the fat accumulation and decreases your basic metabolism rate (BMR). So obviously, there is a decrease in a number of calories you burn every day. This increases fat in various places of your body.

2. The Law of Growing

After the 30s, your body will be likely to store fat in some places of your body for future use. This form of storage is one of the main causes for the fat accumulation at your arms. You cannot control this fat accumulation. But you can reduce it by proper exercises.

Generally, women suffer a lot with the saggy arms problems. But you can tone your arms with workouts. Some simple arms workout are helpful to lose arm fat without gaining muscle at home.

3. Lack of Physical Activities

Lack of physical activities and not doing regular exercises leads to the fat accumulation in the body including the arms.

Usually, the White-collar job reduces the physical activities at work to a major extent. So that you can’t burn the calories properly and leads to flabby arms. If you lack the minimum physical activities, do some basic jogging, walking, swimming, etc yo to lose flabby arms.

4. Water Retention

If you drink less amount of water, your body retains that fluid content for future. So obviously you can get weight on your arms. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day to get rid of arm fat.

5. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep worsens your mind and body. A sleep disorder can make the skin more elastic. This gives a saggy appearance to your skin and adds weight on your arms.

6. Stress

Stress is another major factor for your arm jiggle. Do some relaxing methods to reduce flabby arms. Remember that reducing arms fat is easy if you relieve stress.

7. Genetics

Genetics is also one of the main cause for your flabby arms. If it is the cause, then it is difficult to get rid of it. So you have to follow a strict diet plan.

8. Following Poor Diet

You cannot get fat on arms overnight. Fat accumulates gradually over time due to the poor diet. If you have the habit of following the below-mentioned ways, then you have to control it.

  • Eating processed foods/ canned foods.
  • Smoking and drinking too much alcohol.
  • Increased intake of Junk foods.
  • Increased salt and sugar contents in your daily foods.
  • Lack of fruits and vegetable intake.

9. Obesity

Most people in the world suffer from Obesity. Obesity creates an extra fat layer on your skin. Which in turn increases the fat on your body.

10. Side Effects

Side effects caused by the usage of some steroid medications may also lead to a fat accumulation.

How to Lose Arm Fat Fast at Home?

If you are annoyed by sagging upper arms, you’re not alone! Let’s land up with the solution for this fat accumulation problem on your arms. There are some simple ways to lose saggy arm fat that you can follow at home. Here I divide those into the following 4 broad categories.

A. Proper Diet (Jump to proper Diet)

B. Healthy Life Style (Jump to Healthy Life Style)

C. Physical Activities (Jump to Physical Activities)

D. Exercises To Lose Arm Fat (Jump to Exercises to lose flabby arms)

With all of these 4 things the sloppy, saggy fat begins to be replaced with toned, shapely arms.

A. Proper Diet

How to lose arm fat fast without proper diet plan? The fastest way to lose fat under arms is the proper and healthy diet plan. According to the Central Disease Control, people who lose between 1 to 2 pounds per week have greater success in keeping the weight off. Proper diet is essential for all kinds of weight loss programs and to burn the accumulated fat in the arms. Try the below methods to follow a proper diet.

how to lose weight fast with diet

Credits: A2zdiet-plan

1. Cut Down Your Calories

The first and foremost step to lose arm fat is to cut down your calories. Fries and junk foods have a lot of calories. Those calories are surplus for your body. So your body retains the calories, which in turn makes you fat.

The average adult Male needs about 2,500 calories a day, and the average adult Female needs about 2,000 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight.

You have to maintain your calorie intake by selecting proper foods. If you store excess calories in your body, you have to cut it down by doing some physical activities and Exercises.

An average man who works out an hour in the gym reduces 700-800 calories. Try these steps to burn your excess calories. By reducing the overall body fat and increasing lean muscle physique, your loose arms will be replaced with toned muscles.

Avoid high-calorie foods such as Avocados, Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Dark Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts, Eggs, Oily Fish, and Prunes.

Consume low-calorie foods such as Almond Milk (Unsweetened), Arugula, Lentils, Blackberries, Fries, Bok Choy, Bulgur, Celery, Chicken Breast, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Honeydew Melon, Mussels, Plum, Pork Tenderloin, Radish, Strawberries, and Wheat bran.

2. Don’t Be Dehydrated

Dehydration is one of the important factors in fat accumulation. If you are dehydrated, your body retains the existing fluid content for future use. So your arms are filled with water and look saggy.

To get rid of arm flab, drink more amount of fluids. Often drink fresh juices (without sugar) and avoid carbonated drinks.

Sports drinks give you instant energy. It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water to lead a healthy life. Try out these healthy juice recipes to retain fluid content and lose unwanted underarm fat in your body.

3. Avoid Junk or Processed Foods

Junk foods increase your overall calorie intake rapidly. So better avoid junk foods to maintain your calorie level. Also, the canned foods are not good for your health and these foods are packed with high sugar content.

We can’t avoid processed or canned foods in our present day lifestyle. But in order to lose your arm fat, you have to reduce these processed foods to a greater extent. Even if you take these foods, workout to burn the extra fat.

4. Cut Down Excess Salt and Sugar Intake

Arm fat removal is easy with controlling your sugar and salt intake. Sodium component in the salt retains the water content in your arms. Thus, your arm look flabby!

Sugar makes you addicted. So you can eat take more amount of sugary drinks and foods. This leads to a high-calorie intake. Further fructose resists the Insulin and leptin hormone. This is another reason for fat accumulation. So try to cut down both salt and sugar products, especially soda and sweets.

Note: Sugar and Salt are necessary to for your body to function well. So don’t completely avoid them.

5. Take Good Fats

Not all fats are bad and cause fat accumulation on your arms. There are some good fats that help you to lose flabby arms. Good fats present in Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, and Nuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These foods are good for your overall health and to burn arm fat. Fishes help you to get lean muscle and decreases fat tissue in the body.

6. Consume More Dairy Foods

You can get rid of underarm fat by consuming more dairy products.

Dairy products such as Lassi, Yogurt, and Cheese are helpful to reduce water content on your arms. But be sure that the dairy products that you consume should have a low content of fat and calories. Dairy foods help in burning fat and increase the metabolic rate.

7. Make Breakfast As Your Biggest Meal

Make breakfast as your biggest feast of the day. And reduce the size of the meal for lunch and supper. Breakfast gives fuel to your body to do your whole day work.

But never skip your breakfast for any cause. Since it has numerous benefits for your health. A research study proved that eating calorie rich foods earlier in the day helps you to lose weight faster.

The research scholars of The University of Massachusetts Medical School published their work in the American Journal of Epidemiology, proved that people who avoid breakfast are 4.5 times more possible to be obese than those people who take good breakfast.

8. Drink Green Tea

 how to lose arm fat tea-green

Credits: Picserver

Green tea is one of the best healthy beverages in the world. The antioxidant called Catechins presents in the green tea stimulates the metabolism rate and thereby burns the excess fat on your arms. Green tea contains less amount of caffeine. This caffeine is also responsible for the increased metabolism rate.

A study published in the journal of health science proved that the green tea increases the fat burning process during rest and while doing exerciseDrink Green tea twice per day to lose your excess arm fat.

B. Healthy Life Style

Present day lifestyles make you fat than usual. You have to prefer a healthy lifestyle to get rid of  saggy arms.

1. Increase Your Metabolism Rate

Increasing your metabolism is the holy grail of losing fat on your body as well as arms. Boosting metabolism increases your fat burning process. Here I listed some of the proven ways to boost your metabolism rate. 

  • Increase your muscle mass by strength training. (Try weightlifting exercises)
  • Do some simple aerobics.
  • Be active always.
  • Go for Walking and avoid vehicles.
  • Drink coffee (not more than twice per day)
  • Go for organic foods.
  • Eat fibre, Iron, Vitamin D, and Protein rich foods.
  • Drink Full-fat Milk.
  • Never skip your Breakfast.
  • Consume foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Take Cheese, Lentils, Avocado, and Red Peppers.
  • Avoid Diet Soda.
  • Fill your body with water.

2. Don’t Consume Excess Alcohol

The consumption of excess alcohol can increase total calories, makes you sleepless, negatively impacts your hormonal levels, makes you dehydrated and decrease your enthusiasm for exercise.

So, alcohol does all the negative effects of your fat loss efforts. So avoid its consumption to remove fat from arms.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking is not a good process to lose your weight loss. Most people follow smoking to lose their fat. First of all, I will tell you how smoking reduces your fat. The nicotine enters into your body while you are smoking. This Nicotine constricts your blood vessels and temporarily shut down your stomach. So it suppresses your appetite.

Which in turn you don’t feel hunger and consume lower amount of calorie than needed. So automatically you will lose your body weight and looks skinny.

But this type of weight loss is not healthy. By this method, you are not only losing your excess fat but also lacking in your minimum calorie intake. This makes you weak and fell ill.

4. Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Go for fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of arm flab faster. These are rich in essential nutrients and makes you healthy. Further, you cannot face any side effects since they are natural foods.

Try foods such as Leafy Greens, Cruciferous Vegetables, Boiled Potatoes, Leans and Legumes, Avocadoes, Grapefruits, Cabbage, Broccoli, Radishes, Cauliflower, and Spinach to lose your excess arm jiggle faster. Try out these top 10 best foods to lose your overall body fat.

5. Sleep Well

how to lose weight Sleep

Sleeping is one of the best natural remedies for all kind of health problems. While you are sleeping, your body does its repairing process. Thus, your body rejuvenates after you get up from the bed.

research study shows that there is an association between the duration of sleep and weight gain. If you sleep less than 5 hours at night, then you will suffer from serious weight gain problems. Thus sleep at least 8 hours every day to stay healthy and to trim arm fat.

6. Reduce Stress

If you’re feeling stressed about how to lose arm fat fast, then you can’t lose weight.

After sleeping disorder, Stress is the major cause of the overall health illness. As per the survey of American Physiological Association, 54 percent of Americans are worried about the level of stress in their everyday life. 

Best Ways to avoid stress

  • Listen to Music
  • Practice yoga
  • Sleep Better
  • Breathe deep
  • Laugh it off
  • Traveling to exotic locations
  • Do Meditation

7. Drink Plenty of Warm Water

Drinking water maintains a healthy fluid content in your body. You are free from dehydration. This results in less water retention on your body. So obviously you are free from excess arm jiggle on your body.

It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain the normal functionality of your body.

8. Do Meditation/Yoga

Meditation helps you to get relief from stress and it slightly affects the weight gain. But it can’t replace diet and Exercises. Diet and Exercises are important in the arm fat burning process.

Yoga practices have a direct effect on weight loss efforts. So practice it often.

C. Physical Activities

Physical activities are the best way to lose fat under arms. Simple physical activities such as walking, stretching, cycling, etc can help you to lose overall fat in your body. These activities not only removes the excess fat in the triceps/biceps but also tones them to give a sculpted look to your arms.

1. Skipping

Skipping is one of the best exercises to reduce flabby arms. Obese people may feel difficult to do this. But this will help in overall reduction of body weight.

Your arm can get good blood circulation and gain good muscle weight. It reduces the shaggy skin on your arms. You can reduce both lower and upper arm fat with this simple exercise. Further, Skipping promotes the burning of fat.

2. Keep Stretching

Losing arm flab is easy with stretching. You can do stretching at any time and no need of any specific place. Stretch your arms whenever you have leisure time. Not only this will burn your fat under your arms, but also increases your briskness.

3. Try Tennis or Badminton

How to remove arm jiggle in a week? Play Tennis or Badminton! This is ideal for the underarm fat removal process.

Both of these sports give more work to your arms. If you don’t like to do any exercises to lose your arm fat, you can play tennis or badminton for 30 minutes every day.

4. Take Up-Rowing or Kayaking

Again, these two sports strengthen your core and build arm muscles. This very beneficial to strengthen your arms and this will tone your upper and lower arms by burning the fat in that area. So you can easily get rid of fat under arms by playing.

5. Try Boxing Lessons

Boxing helps to burn your excess fat rapidly. It gives strength to your arms and builds muscles. So there is no way for the shaggy skin on your arms.

The time required to lose fat depends on your weight, workout time and the type of boxing you practicing. So better learn it from the experts.

D. Exercises To Lose Arm Fat

How to lose arm fat without exercises? Exercise is the fastest and best way to lose arm jiggle. Exercising with weights also helps in losing fat from the arms. Having a workout plan will help your arms get stronger and firmer. You have to reduce fat on your biceps and triceps to strengthen your arms.

Perform strength-training exercises to build your triceps. Building both triceps and biceps gives a good appearance to your arms, even in the presence of fat. Try the following arm exercises to lose weight in arms. Also, I listed some of the best arm workouts for women.

exercises to lose arm fat

1. Cardio Workouts

Do some cardio exercises. Since the overall weight loss has a good impact on your arms too! Perform aerobic exercises daily to burn fat. Try the simple cardio exercises such as,

  • Aerobics
  • Brisk walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Climbing the steps
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Tae-Bo

2. Weight Lifting

Exercising with weights also helps in losing fat from the arms. Heavy lifting is very beneficial to strengthen your arms. Weight lifting is the key to reducing your arm fat and build your biceps. Do weightlifting with dumbbells, barbells or with water bottles.

3. Chair Dips

Want to see those arms getting leaner in a hurry?  This is the best exercise to lose your excess fat on your triceps ( muscles at the back of your upper arms).

This exercise tones the back of the arms. Triceps is the portion where a large amount of fat was accumulated. By doing this workout, you can reduce fat on your triceps. This is the best arm slimming exercises for girls and women.  This will tone your arms within few weeks.


  • Choose a Chair or Bench with at least 2 feet height. (Sofas and Cushions are not preferable)
  • Place your hands on the chair. (As shown in the image)
  • Be closer to the chair and not go away.
  • Bend your knees to maintain an equal height with the chair.
  • Now bend your elbows and move your body towards the ground.
  • Then come back to the initial position.
  • That’s all. Repeat this exercise 25 times. It is preferable to do this in two slots, in the morning and in the evening.

4. Push Ups

This is a well-known arm and muscle building exercise. I think there is no need to introduce this workout. It strengthens your core and your arms. It targets the pectoral and triceps brachii muscles.

This workout burns the excess fat on both your upper and lower arms. You can easily lose your excess flabby arms by doing this exercise regularly.

how to lose arm fat- Exercise

Credits: Wikipedia


  • Lie on the floor by facing the ground.
  • Keep your feet together.
  • Keep your hands wider than your shoulder with elbows straight.
  • Now bend your elbows and move towards ground.
  • Then come back to the initial position.
  • Do 2 sets of 20 times per day.

5. Triceps Push Down

This is a female arm workout to reduce fat on your triceps. This is powerful in working the upper arms along with the core. This is a simple exercise but you need to go to GYM or a weighted object tied in a rope. This will tone your upper arm by burning the fat in that area.

How to lose arm fat Pushdown exercise

Credits: Wikipedia


  • Hold an object that is tied in a rope or elastic.
  • Push it downwards against the resistance.
  • Then slowly move your hands upwards and make the object to rest.
  • Do 2 sets of 30 times per day.

This is a good workout for you to tone and shape the flabby arms.

6. Scissors

Again, this is one of the famous arm workouts. The Scissors is very effective in toning the back of your arms.This exercise got this name since it resembles the opening and closing of scissors. This is one of the best bicep exercises for women.


  • Stand straight with your legs relaxed.
  • Lift your hands parallel to your shoulders.
  • Stretch your arms from right to left and vice versa.
  • So that it can function like scissors.
  • Do 2 sets of 20 times per day.

7. Arm Circles

Looking for arm workouts for women with weights? Here it is. This is one of the good triceps and biceps exercises for women. This is helpful in losing your upper arm fat as well as lower arm fat.

You can shape your flabby arms with this simple workout. You can practice this workout (with or without weights). This workout is helpful to reduce fat on your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and Back muscles. This exercise targets the triceps, thus works effectively to lose arm fat.


  • Stand straight with your legs relaxed.
  • Lift your hands parallel to your shoulders.
  • Now rotate your hands in a forward direction for about 20 rotations.
  • Then repeat this rotation in a backward direction.
  • Do 2 sets per day

8. Single Arm Lateral Raise

This is a powerful exercise for arms. You can easily lose your arm fat with this Single arm lateral raise. This is a much-recommended workout to tone the arms. This workout helps to burn the deposited fat in the arm area.


  • Lie on the floor by facing the ground.
  • Keep your one hand (without bending elbows) on the ground to hold your body.
  • Keep the other hand parallel to your shoulder and hold a 1-litre water bottle.
  • Hold this position for few minutes and be relaxed.
  • Then shift your water bottle to the other hand and repeat this exercise.

9. Bench Press

It is the well-known upper body strengthening exercise. But it is a little difficult to practice this arm workout. This workout is good for arms, chest, and shoulders.

You can see a significant weight loss around your arms within a month after this exercise regularly. This exercise will make your arms look leaner.

How to lose arm fat Exercises

Credits: Wikipedia


  • Lie on your back.
  • Lift the weight in both of your hands
  • Push the weight upwards till your arms are extended.
  • Then come back to the initial position.
  • Do 2 sets of 20 times per day (As per your convenience).

10. Lying Triceps Extensions

This exercise is only for your triceps. It is more or less similar to the bench press. This workout aims at working out your biceps and triceps.

How to lose arm fat - Exercises

Credits: Wikipedia


  • Lie on a flat bench
  • Make sure that your feet touch the ground and head should be above the bench level.
  • Hold the dumbbells above your head.
  • Don’t hold dumbbells with
  • Bend your elbows while holding weight. So that your arms should support that weight.
  • Then bring back your arms towards your forehead.
  • Again move back to the initial position.
  • Repeat this step 15 times per set.

11. Aerolean Push Ups

Exercises to lose flabby arms and tone the arm muscles don’t always need to be a heavy workout. This is another simple workout to lose arm jiggle. This is good for reducing fat in both biceps and triceps. It is one of the best arm slimming exercises.


  • Lie on the floor.
  • Go to the push-up position.
  • Keep your fingers facing the opposite sides.
  • Bend your right elbow and tilt your body towards the right.
  • Come to the initial position.
  • Now bend towards the left side.
  • Do 3 sets of 15 times per day.

12. Counter Push Ups

This is a simple workout to practice. This reduces your saggy arms quickly. This exercise for arms works out your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

This is similar to push ups. Instead of ground, you can use any medium such as a table. You can get rid of arm flab quickly with this counter push ups. Perform this exercise regularly and get those super toned arms.


  • Place your hands on a table.
  • Go to the push-up position.
  • Keep your feet touching the ground.
  • Keep your back and shoulder in a straight position.
  • Do push ups 20 times.

I already covered the Methods to reduce face fat, get rid of neck fat, flatter stomach, reduce belly fat, and to reduce overall body fat. You can also try the juicing recipes to lose your body fat to get desired results.

In a Nutshell,

Arm fat is one of the common health problems after 30+ years of age. But nowadays youngsters are also getting saggy arms due to the present day lifestyle. The flabby arm problem is common among women, especially the underarm fat after pregnancy.

How to lose arm fat fast? You can not get rid of arm flab only by doing exercises. So today I come up with a detailed solution to get rid of saggy arms. But remember that you can’t lose arm jiggle only by practicing workouts. So far I explained the best ways to get rid of your fat arms. It’s your turn to do it in action and slimming down your arms.

That’s all about the detailed process for how to lose arm fat fast naturally at home. Follow the above-mentioned diet, best arm exercises and workouts for women, arm slimming exercises, methods that can help in reducing arm flab. You must follow the healthy lifestyle to get rid of arm fat faster. Feel free to submit your comments.

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  • I want to know that, Is daily exercises needed to reduce arm fat? Since i cant follow it in my busy schedule. Any alternative remedy for me?

    • If you are unable to do daily exercises, do some physical activities whenever you have time. That’s enough to lose your arm fat. But if you want quick remedy then follow exercises too