How To Remove Skin Tags at Home : 7 Best Skin Tag Removal Ideas

How to remove skin tags at home? Removing skin tags is not an easy process. But there are few home remedies that will help to remove those unwanted skin tags naturally as well as safely! Infections and complications don’t usually occur with skin tag removal.

Having skin tags is the worst thing on earth; unsightly and bothersome to say the least. Isn’t it?

If you have developed skin tags off late, let me tell you that you are not alone. All of us develop skin tags at some point in our lives. But no matter where you have skin tags, these sure do look very unattractive.

What are these skin tags basically?

Skin tags are tiny outgrowths of excess skin which are mostly painless and do not cause any harm. These are non-cancerous in nature that can appear on any part our body – starting from the facial skin and eyelids to armpits, the back of your body and even under the bust line. But just because these are harmless little outgrowths, does not mean we should not consider removing skin tags.

There are plenty of natural ways in which you can easily get rid of skin tags. There is no pain or discomfort involved in home remedies for skin tags. In this article, we shall take a look at the various ways of easy skin tag removal by employing effective home remedy for skin tags.

If you want to know how to get rid of skin tags naturally, this article will be very useful for sure. Read on to know more.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Fast?

You might wonder, can skin tags be removed at home?

Well, yes certainly!  Want to know how to remove skin tags at home? Here are home remedies to remove skin tags with minimal effort.

If you are wondering about the best way to get rid of skin tags by yourself, here are the top 7 home remedies to get rid of skin tags fast and easy.

1. The Tried n’ Tested Tea Tree Oil

You must have heard about the Tea Tree Oil, right? It is one of the best home remedies for skin tags removal.

Tea Tree oil is very well known for its huge bounty of beauty benefits, which makes this a gem of sorts. Well, Tea tree oil is also extremely effective in removing skin tags at home.

This effective natural skin tag remover has got the wonderful antibiotic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The applications of tea tree oil are very well known for removing skin tags at home without any surgical procedures.

Tea tree oil is a wonderful cure for many skin ailments and is thus used to manufacture several Ayurvedic medicines. Its main action lies in the reduction of inflammation and in preventing bacterial infection. So the Tea Tree oil is a great choice for removing skin tags. You need to apply Tea tree oil topically on wounds or skin problems to soothe the condition.

Here are the steps how to use tea tree oil for skin tags and their removal:

  • Take a ball of cotton wool and keep it soaked in tea tree oil (Get Tea Tree Oil Here).
  • Then you need to place this ball of cotton over the skin tag.
  • Massage the localized area in circular motions for about 3 minutes.
  • Then leave the cotton over the skin tag for almost 3 hours.
  • Repeat these steps daily until you see the skin tags disappear.

2.    Did You Know about the Banana Peel Skin Tag Treatment?

The next time you are about to throw away the banana peel, don’t go ahead!

Banana peels can also be of great use; if you don’t believe us, try removing a skin tag using banana peels. You can easily find banana peels and the best thing about these is the truckload of health benefits that come along with.

For the best natural skin tag removal processes, the banana peel treatment is bound to deliver excellent results.

This is how you must go about this inexpensive yet effective skin tag home removal process:

  • To help remove a skin tag, cut the banana peels into tiny pieces of a square shape.
  • Keep these refrigerated for about 5 minutes.
  • Then take them out and rub the inner side of the peel gently on the skin tag for some time.
  • You can use 5 banana peels one after the other.
  • Repeat all of these steps on a daily basis, until you see the skin tags falling.

3. What about Apple Cider Vinegar for easy skin tag removal?

Apple cider vinegar is already very familiar with its multifarious benefits for our hair right?

And, using apple cider vinegar is also an excellent choice when it comes to natural skin tag removal home remedy. Because of the acidic nature of this ingredient, it can loosen up tissue cells and help to remove your own skin tags.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this amazing apple cider vinegar will make sure that there is no swelling in the process. Moreover, it will also relieve any redness that might occur.

You might feel a stinging sensation at the start, but if you can bear for a few minutes, that will soon fade away. Now, if you are looking for the steps to use apple cider vinegar for skin tags, check out the steps below:

  • For this, you will need an all of cotton and duct tape.
  • First, you need to soak the cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. (Buy Apple Cider Vinegar at Amazon)
  • Then place the cotton over the skin tag.
  • Keep it secured to that position using duct tape.
  • Leave this bandage as it is for nearly 2 to 3 hours.
  • Then remove and rinse your skin with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat all the steps daily and see the best results.

4. Why don’t you try Vitamin E Oil?

Did you know that Vitamin E has got marvelous antioxidant properties? The vitamin E oil may help remove skin tags.

Using Vitamin E oil, you can easily achieve skin tag removal at home without undergoing surgery. There will be no need for you to undergo any laser treatment even when you opt for vitamin e for skin tag removal.

The best thing about this home treatment for skin tags is that the tenderness of your skin tag will remain as it is, but it will fall off suddenly. You can expect to see the results within a week of starting this tissue tag removal process. Vitamin E can be applied topically to skin tags.

Looking to safely remove skin tags using the benefits of Vitamin E? Try these steps mentioned below:

  • For this, you need to get Vitamin E oil, for example, extra virgin olive oil
  • Then you must soak the cotton in this oil and place it on your skin tag.
  • Keep it covered for a while.
  • You can use duct tape to secure the bandage and leave it as it is for few hours.
  • Then take it off and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Pat the area dry.
  • These steps must be followed daily until you see the skin tags falling down.

5. Can you remove skin tags using castor oil?

For safe skin tag removal at home, try Castor Oil. Yes, you can!

Castor oil is extremely popular and equally effective home remedy to remove skin tag especially the ones that occur around the private parts of our bodies. Since we mostly tend to home remedies when it comes to treating skin problems that occur around our private parts, using castor oil is a wonderful way of removing skin tags at home.

Here is how you can use castor oil as a home remedy for skin tags:

  • First, you need to mix castor oil and baking soda in equal amounts and create a paste.
  • Make sure to use this paste on your skin tag IMMEDIATELY after mixing it.
  • Apply this paste to the skin tag and let it dry naturally.
  • Repeat these steps at least twice in a day – once during the morning and once before bedtime at night.
  • Carry on with the process until your skin tag falls off naturally.

6. Did You Ever Try Using Ice Cubes?

Ice cubes are not only great to accompany your cold coffee or a peg of scotch whiskey!

These are in fact inexpensive and wonder items when it comes to getting rid of skin tags the natural way at home. The aim here is to freeze the skin tags using ice cubes.

This wonderful home remedy for skin tags works by applying excessive cold on them which eventually hampers the extra cell growth and causes the skin tags to forcibly shrivel and fall out naturally.

Follow the steps mentioned below for the best skin tag removal using ice cubes:

  • To help remove a skin tag, you need to rub ice cubes on the areas with skin tags.
  • Go about a circular motion while you rub and keep it gentle.
  • Keeping rubbing the area until the ice cube melts.
  • Repeat these steps for about 5 times a day and see how quickly your skin tags fall off.

7. Don’t Forget The All-Purpose Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil for skin tags is perhaps the best among the home remedies for skin tag removal. This is not only safe but also extremely easy.

We all know how useful coconut oil can be! We use coconut oil to prepare food, we apply it to your hair for healthy hair growth. The benefits of using coconut oil are just endless.

And you can also use coconut oil as a natural skin tag remover. The acidic properties of coconut oil are the main factor that destroys your skin tags and makes them drop off.  You can safely get rid of a bothersome skin tag by applying coconut oil.

Here are the steps of using coconut oil for skin tag on face removal at home:

  • First, wash the affected area with warm water and pat it dry
  • Then soak a cotton ball in coconut oil
  • Apply it directly to the skin tag
  • Keep it on for about 3 hours
  • After 3 hours, rinse properly using cold water
  • Repeat this treatment every day and see quick results


If you are wondering about how to naturally get rid of skin tags, the remedies are already mentioned here in this article for your convenience.

However, it is always best to get in touch with a dermatologist before you try out anything on your skin. Cutting or picking on your skin tags is never advisable since it can potentially dangerous.

Also check the home remedies for Bruises, Hickeys and Ringworm.

Being aware of possible allergens and side effects before using any remedy can help you to remove skin tags in a better and more effective manner.

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