Mistakes in The Use of Tampons That You Often Do – But Do Not Need!

Instead of using sanitary napkins, women have started using tampons. But while using tampons, we make a lot of mistakes. The following are some of the mistakes that we do while using tampons.

1. Wash Your Hands Before Insertion Too.

You probably would wash your hands after inserting the tampon but then it should be done while before inserting too. This would prevent your vaginas not getting contaminated by the bacteria in your hands.

2. Insert the Tampon Far Enough.

When you don’t insert your tampon till the right place, you will feel it. A too-shallow tampon will be super uncomfortable, you may even feel the cotton edge at the entrance to the vagina.

3. You Only Use One Absorbency Level of Tampon.

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a potentially deadly disease is caused by tampons. Tampons with higher-absorbency increase the risk of TSS, so it is always good to use them only when you need to stop a very heavy flow. The amount of blood level can change daily throughout your period.

When you use a highly absorbent tampon during times of lighter flow, it can dry out your vaginal tissue. In fact, researchers found that a dry vagina is closely related to the usage of super-absorbent tampons. That dryness will cause tears or cracks in your vaginal walls. This increases your risk of infection.

mistakes using tampons

4. Change Your Tampon Frequently.

Even if you have a light flow, you should change that bad boy every four to eight hours. That’s because a moist tampon makes the growth of bacteria easier. Longer the moist tampon remains in your body, the greater is your risk of TSS.

5. You Use Tampons to Plug Discharge.

It is normal to experience heavy discharge in the middle of your cycle, but you need not use a tampon at that point. If you stick it in during this period, you could disrupt the healthy vaginal bacteria that produce lactic acid.

When the vagina’s acidity is reduced, it can allow harmful bacteria to grow abundantly and cause infections like bacterial vaginosis. If you feel that the discharge is excessive, don’t just keep using a tampon; consult your doctor and get checked out.

6. Do Not Use A Tampon the Day After Your Period Ends.

When your vagina is dry, it will be uncomfortable to remove the dry tampon from it. So, during these times, an external sanitary napkin is preferable.

7. Change Your Tampon After You Pee on It.

From a medical point of view, it is unnecessary to change your tampon every single time you pee since contamination will be less. But if you know that the tampon is highly infected, then it is strictly advised to change it.

8. Change Your Tampon After You Poop.

If the loose end of the string picks up any bacteria, it could easily cause infection in the urethra. Another thing is that when the bowels move, this can sometimes dislodge a tampon, which could make leaving it in an uncomfortable placement.

9. Do Not Forget to Take It Out.

If you wear the tampon for too long, you develop a horrible odor that can’t otherwise be explained, use a clean finger to feel around for a tampon. If you are unable to pull it out, see a doctor.

10. Change Your Tampon After Swimming.

When you go for a swim, the tampon obviously gets wet. A string that is filled with chlorine, salt water, etc., can cause skin irritation.

11. You Use Tampons with Torn Wrappers.

Tampon wrappers are designed in order to keep out dust, dirt, and makeup bits that lay at the bottom of your bag. When that wrapping rips, the cotton could get those dirt and cause infection to your vagina.

12. Do Not Flush the Applicator.

Do not flush the applicator in the toilet lest it be struck in the pipelines.

13. D Not Throw Out Tampons Because You Think They’ve Expired.

As long as the packaging is intact, old tampons are perfectly safe to use.

14. Tampons Will Always Be Dry.

The wrapper and tampon itself will stay fresher longer if you keep it dry.

15. Avoid Using Scented Tampons.

Scented tampons may cause irritation to some women or an urge to itch in worst cases. This is the reason why women should choose unscented tampons instead of the scented ones.

Have happy and safe periods with your tampons on!!! Follow these simple instructions and have a comfortable life… 😊 😊 😊

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