Substitute For Evaporated Milk – 8 Best Alternatives for Evaporated Milk

Are you looking hard and fast as a substitute for evaporated milk?

Well, there are so many options for an evaporated milk substitute. But before that, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a little introduction to the thing that we call evaporated milk?

Only by understanding the proper term, we will be able to find out how the substitution for evaporated milk can be done. Here I have listed the 8 best alternatives for Evaporated Milk

What Exactly Is Evaporated Milk?

To begin with, evaporated milk can be defined as a creamy product which is definitely high in protein. It is used for making many recipes at home. Well, the making of the evaporated milk is an interesting process.

By heating the regular milk and removing at least 80% of water results in the formation of this thick, highly concentrated and a caramelized version of the milk. Doesn’t that sound lovely? What’s better is that it can be used for making simple desserts, sauces, and soups that you enjoy so much.

However, there are many different reasons why people look to substitute evaporated milk. Most people cannot tolerate the increased content of lactose and hence look for a sub for evaporated milk.

substitute for evaporated milk

Why Would You Need Substitutions for Evaporated Milk?

There are many reasons why people would want an evaporated milk alternative. Here we are going to state a few reasons.

  • Most people are not a big fan of the taste of the evaporated milk and hence are the ones that look for evaporated milk substitution
  • Most of the people in the world are lactose intolerant and cannot stand the lactose content of the evaporated milk. This means that they have to get a replacement for evaporated milk
  • Allergies in children are one of the main reasons why people, mostly parents look for a substitute for evaporated milk in recipes so that their children can enjoy the meal
  • Vegan diets are the ones that have to use a substitute for evaporated milk as well as animal products, even milk cannot be allowed

Difference between Evaporated Milk And Condensed Milk

Are you wondering what can you substitute for evaporated milk? Well, condensed milk, for one, is a good alternative. However, the condensed milk contains sugar which is caramelized so you might want to think about using that before an evaporated milk substitution.

Condensed milk, pretty much like the evaporate one, is made by removing at least 60% of the water from the milk and adding a lot of sugar. You can replace evaporated milk with condensed milk but then you might have to take care of the sugar content before that.

Some Substitutes for Evaporated Milk That You Should Know About

If you are wondering what the substitute for evaporated milk in recipes is, then lucky for you as we have got some amazing options.

The different options for an alternative to evaporated milk are the ones that you can use for different recipes and stuff. These alternatives may differ with your intent as well. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the examples of a substitute for canned milk.


Milk is my ultimate favorite substitute for evaporated milk. Most people even prefer using milk to evaporated milk for the amazing benefits that you get.

Milk, with all the water content, proves to be a bit thinner and sweeter in comparison with the evaporated milk.

For making an evaporated milk substitute from milk, you have to:

  • Heat about 2 and ¼ cup of regular non-altered milk in a pan and that too over medium heat
  • Let that come to a boil while you stir
  • Heat for 10 minutes and reduce the volume by half
  • Cream

For those who are wondering what can replace evaporated milk, a cream is a solution to that. Cream can be used as an amazing substitute for evaporated milk in soup and other recipes as well.

I personally feel that cream is an amazing substitute for carnation milk. Most people also opt for cream for baking purposes and dessert making as well.

The high content of calories makes it a proper option for the substitution for evaporated milk. Since it is thicker and has a quality calorie content, you need to add a bit of water to bring it to the consistency of evaporated milk and only then can it be used as a substitute for evaporated milk.

Powdered Milk

Many people often want to have the best substitute for evaporated milk. I think that it is the powdered milk that can be considered to be an amazing substitute for evaporated milk. Powdered milk is basically dehydrated till all the water content is removed from the milk and the end result is a dry powder-like substance.

The powdered milk is made for extending the shelf life of a particular can of milk.

All you have to do for making the powdered milk go back to its original liquidy state is to add some water too it. Note that the powdered milk needs to be of the consistency of the evaporated milk so adding a little water will be enough.

Once that is done, you are good to go.

Half And Half

Half and half is one of my favorites when it comes to looking for sub milk for evaporated milk. Made from the mixture of 50% cream and 50% milk, the mixture is blended together to provide the texture to the half and half milk.

It has got the same amount of nutrients as the evaporated milk but is definitely a bit low on the carbs side. You can easily make half and half substitute evaporated milk if you want to.

Soy Milk

Soy Milk is also considered to be an amazing ingredient for the process of substitution for evaporated milk.  Wondering how that is made?

Well, all you have to do is soak up some soybeans, grind them up in some water, and then filter out the larger parts. The end result for it is pretty much like the milk from the diary.

Soya milk can act as a fantastic evaporated milk sub with all the qualities and benefits that it has. It is one of the best non-dairy products that can be used as an evaporated milk alternative.

Nut Milk

Nut milk types often include the products which are cashews, almonds, and hazelnut mil. If you are looking for a sub evaporated milk, then these are the options that are the best suitable.

All you have to do in this process is to grind the nuts and filter the rest of the content to make a drink that resembles the consistency of the milk. These nut milk are the best examples of sub milk for evaporated milk.

These nut milk have a very low content of calories and protein as well. This can definitely be a benefit to you if you are looking for a perfect evaporated milk sub to reduce the intake of calories.

Apart from that, if you use Almond milk as a cooking substitute for evaporated milk, then you will additionally have a lot of Vitamin D and calcium as well.

Oat Milk

Well, Oat Milk is another great example of sub milk for evaporated milk. Made by the blend of water and oats, it is really easy to make at home and is a perfect example for those who are thinking about replacing evaporated milk with regular milk. You can easily use oat milk in the place of evaporated or regular milk.

The oat milk is definitely rich with the contents such as Vitamin D, calcium, and iron. So, why not use it for making the homemade version. The oat milk has a great level of beta-glucans which are directly linked to a perfect health condition.

The health benefit of using oat milk as substitute milk for evaporated milk in a recipe is that it will improve digestion and it will also result in increased levels of blood sugar.

Flax Milk

Flax milk is great substitute milk for evaporated milk. It is made from the commercial blend of water and flaxseed oil and is a great way of substituting milk for evaporated milk. The homemade versions of the flax milk are made from the blend of the flaxseeds and water.

The commercial varieties of this particular milk have a very low content of calories and have zero amount of protein in it. The flax seed milk is one of the best examples of a Vitamin D and calcium-rich milk which can be easily used as substitute milk.

So, if you are thinking about using this substitute milk for evaporated milk nondairy, then it will be a very good idea as the health benefits are extremely well.

Hemp Milk

Hemp Milk is another great evaporated milk and cream milk substitute. The Hemp Milk consists of the hemp plant seeds and water that are blended together to form the perfect dairy free evaporated milk substitute.

Although the milk has got hemp as the main ingredient, it is not necessarily associated with the marijuana. It is completely legal typed milk and contains no THS, the component that is made by the cannabis plants. The hemp milk is absolutely rich in the nutrients.

However, the levels may be different in the variety. The hemp milk is a perfect substitution for powdered milk and evaporated milk as it can be reduced or heated to your liking.

So, there you have it, folks. For those who are wondering, “What can I use to replace evaporated milk?” well, here is your answer. Use these amazing dairy and nondairy evaporated milk substitutes the next time you make a recipe.

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