Weight Loss: The Simple Strategy That Helped This Instagram Star Shed 93 Pounds

Are you eager to know how this Instagram star sheds 93 pounds?

With 223 pounds of weight, she decided to make serious changes. So she avoided late-night snacks, buffet-style family dinners and tried to go the gym regularly.

But nothing gives the best result.

Later she tried to eat whole-wheat pasta for dinner and Raisin Bran for breakfast. Alongside with workout classes, she dropped 30 pounds. But this is not the goal, right?

What she did to lose 10 pounds a month?

tameika gentles weight loss transformation

She did dietary changes as well as workouts.

  1. Switching from spaghetti dinners to salads
  2. Did cardio followed by upper- or lower-body strength-training moves.

These two methods are very helpful for her to easily lose 10 pounds a month.

Here comes the Key!

Even though the above methods are very helpful in losing weight, the below methods helps her in achieving the success.

Weight Lifting!

Yes, Weightlifting is the key to achieving instant weight loss. Further, this will shape your body by removing excess fat content.

In the next three years by doing strict workouts and trying fad diets she achieved the results.

By the end of the summer, She had hit 130 pounds. Yes, she shed 93 pounds. This was really a big weight loss transformation. Now she is working as a virtual health coach at Bali, Indonesia.

Here are the Secret Weight Loss Tips

Go for healthy meals.

Healthy meals are essential for weight loss. So never miss that. Also, avoid the junk foods

If you know you can’t make it to the gym six days a week, try for three

Yes, set your goal and stick to it. If you cannot do it daily, then devise a plan for weekly.

Cut down Excess Salt and Sugar intake

The excess sugar and salt are the two common enemies for weight loss process. If you avoid them, you will be free from excess fat

Due to the complex metabolism and various processes occurring in our body, all the sugar and starch consumed is converted into fats of both saturated and unsaturated kinds.

Never skip your breakfast

If you skip breakfast, then you cannot be lean. Take breakfast as your biggest meal. Many studies show the importance of having breakfast at the correct time.

So, never skip your breakfast at any cause, because all your workouts in the gym will go in vain, once you skip it.

Don’t Consume Excess Alcohol

Excess alcohol consumption leads to weight gain. “Excess alcohol, salt, and sugar intake are all linked to fuller faces”, says Dr. Sue Decotiis in one of her interviews.

Take More Dairy Products

Dairy products such as Yogurt, Lassi, and Cheese are helpful to reduce water content in your body. But be sure that the dairy products you consume should have a low content of fat and calories.

Go for Calcium and Protein-rich Foods

Calcium and Protein-rich foods help you to burn more calories. Calcium flushes out the extra water in your body. Thus, face fat removal is possible with calcium and proteins.

Do some cardio workouts

This is a common practice for reducing face fat naturally. Do some cardio exercises. Since the overall weight loss has a good impact on your face too!

Try the following cardio exercises,

  • Aerobics
  • Brisk walking
  • Climbing the steps
  • Kickboxing
  • Running

Weight Lifting is the Key

Weightlifting is good to lose overall weight. Try with small weights. You can also achieve Weight loss by simply drinking Juices.

Drink plenty of warm water

Science says warm water is helpful for weight loss. It is the cheapest and easiest method to lose weight.

Sleep well

Finally, a good night sleep is helpful to get a weight loss transformation.

Not sleeping enough—less than seven hours of sleep per night—can reduce and undo the benefits of dieting, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Being short on sleep can really affect your weight. While you weren’t sleeping, your body cooked up a perfect recipe for weight gain.

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