Top 4 Workouts for Women this Summer!

The long-awaited summer has finally come after an unpleasant winter. For many women, this means that it’s time to show off some brand-new trendy bikinis. What is more, the most fashionable clothing items of the season tend to be more on the revealing side. For this reason, you might find yourself in dire need of dropping some pesky extra pounds and toning the body.

Workouts for Women

The 4 Summer Routines to Try

To lose weight and shape your abs, back, and booty for the summer, it’s essential to adopt an exercise routine specifically designed for this purpose. Here are the top four workouts all ladies can try out this summer to get ready for swimsuit season.

1. Summer Abs Workout

When you want to wear lighter, more revealing clothing, tummy fat tends to stick out like a sore thumb. For this reason, it’s essential to tone the abs come summertime. In fact, some of the best weight loss programs for women focus on this body part specifically, as it is the most prone to adipose tissue buildup.

The best summer abs workout consists of a circuit that needs to be repeated three times, with 60 seconds of rest in between each round. Start with one minute of jump rope, then do 45 seconds of Russian twists. Follow this immediately with another 45 seconds of standing side bends, then one full minute of crisscross crunches.

Plank for 45 seconds, then do one minute of back extensions and 45 seconds of wall crunches. Maintain dead bug pose for one minute, then do one minute of cross crunches, spending 30 seconds on each side. Finish everything off with one minute of side planking divided into two segments, one for each lateral.

2. 4-Week Bikini Body

With the warmer months of the years finally rolling around, it means that swimsuit season is officially open for business. Due to this, toning your bikini body will become a priority as far as fitness goals are concerned. To sculpt your abs, define the booty, strengthen shoulders and fight arm fat, you need to follow a routine that targets all these essential areas.

The first step towards this is choosing three days per week to perform some light cardio. Walk, run, swim, cycle, or hit the treadmill for 30 minutes, and do it in high-intensity intervals. Alternate between speed levels, tension and so on to receive a full body workout in a relatively short amount of time.

Of course, there is more. For the rest of the week, engage in a targeted training routine that focuses on all the key muscles exposed by your sexy new bikini. For the triceps and biceps, 10 reps of the monkey row are perfect. Using a stability ball and dumbbells, bend at the hips and place your left hand on the ball, then row with the dumbbell.

If you want the hips and butt to see some action as well, there’s nothing more fitting than a botty swirl. Incorporate the quads, calves, and hamstrings into the fun with the three-legged dog. And for the upper back and shoulders, a breaststroke is ideal because it uses the area to its fullest potential.

3. No-Equipment Workout

When you want to get in shape for the summer fast and easy, you most likely have no desire to go out and purchase complicated pieces of additional equipment. Fortunately, you can try some simple moves that are bound to deliver visible results without the use of exercise balls, dumbbells, bars, or other accessories.

Start the routine with some simple bridge marches. Execute 15 for each leg, then transition into the mountain climber pose. Drive your knee towards your chest rapidly, and don’t spend more than 30 seconds per move. Perform 15 reps on each side. After you’ve finished, lay down on your back and do the slow bicycle 15 times on the right and 15 on the left.

Next, it’s time for pushups with a twist. It all unfolds traditionally until it’s time to lower the body. When you get to this point, throw your left foot and try to touch your elbow with the knee. Doing this exercise 5 times on each side is more than enough. Follow with 15 reps of single-leg squats on the leg and the same number on the right.

Follow with some common leg raises and do another 15 reps on each leg. Skaters and squat jumps are the next two movements that you will want to incorporate, to add some dynamism into the whole routine. Finish the circuit in downward dog position, then relax and enjoy your nicely toned body.

4. Weekly Summer Plan

Repeating the same workout plan each week might sound tedious, but in just one short month it can deliver the most amazing results. On Monday, start the routine off with squats and assisted push-ups. Follow through on Tuesday with a round of toy soldiers, and then do the crab walk. You might think it looks silly, but it works wonders for the arms, back, and glutes.

Wednesday is the day for some classic planking and hip-raise marches. This engages and tones the core and glutes in one shot. Thursday is the perfect time to switch it all up. Begin with squat thrusts, then rewrite the alphabet with Y’s, T’s, and I’s. in case you are confused by what this exercise is, it simply involves moving your body in the shape of the eponymous letters.

Friday is the last workday of the week, and it’s one for diagonals and sumo squats. Come the weekend, you will be able to enjoy a bit more freedom. On Saturday, just perform one of the five workouts you did during the prior days. Sunday is a time for resting and spending quality time with loved ones, so you’re off the hook this one day.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of what workout you end up going for, remember that shaped and defined abs, glutes, and back make all the difference in the world when you want to look good. Targeting these areas during your routine, as well as not forgetting about the arms and legs, is essential for a hot summer body.

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